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a statement of disbelief or outrage. Goes on the same turf as "Christ on a cracker!" or simply "Jesus Christ!" Or the better "Jesus H. Christ!" Simply putting Jesus in a cardigan sweater makes it that much more of an animated phrase.
Chrystal found out she had to work late tonight and exclaimed, "Jesus Christ in a cardigan sweater!"

Christina casually browsed the clothing rack and noticed a pair of jeans that were $300 and shouted "Jesus Christ in a cardigan sweater, who the hell would pay that much for these!?"
by Robert Barnett August 15, 2006
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1. An exclamation used when in pain or shock.

2. The indie Jesus.
1. Guy: "Jesus Christ in a cardigan sweater! That fucking hurt!"

2. Person: "So I ran into Jesus at Urban Outfitters today..."
by Lunar Escape January 11, 2009
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