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Usually a girl who's name is confused for jessalynn. A very excitable person, who finds creativity in the weirdest things. Likeable by all, and is a magnet for boys. Yet is independent, but isn't afraid of getting too close.
Damn I thought her name was jessalynn...jesslynn is still cute
by Hollow mind high spirit June 22, 2016
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Jesslynn is a girl who can't ever find her name anywhere. She doesn't seem to care though because her name is as unique as she is. She cares about others a lot and never liked to put people down. She is very calm, until you make her mad then beware. Although deadly when mad she doesn't stay mad for that long. You should hold one and not let go of her if you find one because she is extremely sweet and has such a happy personality.
Did you see Jesslynn help the girl who was crying?

sweet caring happy
by carlosjr July 04, 2016
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