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jessilyn is the best friend anyone could ever ask for. she is kind, compassionate, loving, open, and the most beautiful person on the planet ever. without compition.
people that can call Jessiln their friend are the luckiest people on the earth. never lose jessilyn, and never hurt her. she is so amazing you could never ask for more in a person.
she waits for the one person for her, and once she meets them, she is fully and utterly yours. never press trying to get a jessilyn, if she says no, it means no. so leave it and drop it.
love jessilyn with all your heart. you could never give her enough. never forget to tell her how beautiful she is. she will forget sometimes, and it's the worlds duty to tell her how amazing she is.
person 1: look, it's jessilyn.
world: sigh.....
by palm97 May 11, 2013
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a beautiful loving girl, any guy would kill to say they date her for just a day. She is kind to everyone, no matter what they say to her. She never asks you for anything if you want to get her something. She loves God. She loves only one person and waits for that one person. scared of the dark but will sacrifice any of her fears for the one she loves. Loves animals but hates tails. Brunette, brown eyes, pale but can be tanned. She doesn't explain herself and finds nothing awkward. says "set" instead of "sit". she will give up anything to be with the ones she loves and protect them. hates girls. never hurt Jessilyn, for if you do, everyone will kick your ass. She is the best person ever and anyone will protect her, or theyre completely retarded. If you are ever lucky enough to meet Jessilyn, fall on your knees and praise God for letting you meet one of the best things ever to walk this Earth. But she is so kind that she can get emotional if you hurt her an anyway and she thinks you're her friend. so don't. there is nothing worse than seeing Jessilyn, the happiest person ever, cry. protect them with all you have. In summary; Jessilyn is the most beautiful loving people ever, and there is no one luckier than someone with a Jessilyn. we all thank God for jessilyn.
person #1: Oh my God! it's jessilyn!
person #1 and #2: sigh....
by L.a.m.p. April 09, 2013
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