Jeptha's are usually very unique. If you ever find a jeptha keep him forever because you will not find one like him ever again. Jeptha's have the best personality ever. Jeptha's try a little to hard to fit in with the other guys, and usually are influenced by the not so good men. If they do follow what they really wanna do they will find it so much easier to go through life. Jeptha's usually have brown hair or are gingers with blue and green eyes. Their great at accomplishing life so hold on to them. Their usually pretty fit and are great at sports. Theirs alot to be said about jeptha's ,but i cannot write a whole book.
High school girl: did you see that hot guy on insta the other day. Friend: yeah he is so hot.... He doesnt admit it though even though he is. High school girl: i know right he like always says how ugly he is when he is not! He is also really good at sports. I think his name is jeptha. Friend : that's a hot name
by Bourneidentity March 26, 2018
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