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This is an expression we use in Norway. Well, some of us at least. It simply means -yup, or yep. We also say jepp, meaning yup, yep - And the reason we say jepp(si) is because it rhymes with pepp(si) (the soda u know) and it`s a swinging and fun way of saying yup, yep or as we also say; jepp! :) I love the expression, think its really cute! :)

- Jeppsipeppsi!!! :)
- Hi Dylan. Just wanted to say that I will be home an hour later cause I have to work overtime, - okay?

- (Dylan) Okay, I`ll try and have dinner ready for you till u get home.

- Thanks dear, - remember to take out the trash too.
- (okay here it comes) - (Dylan) - jeppsipeppsi! :)
by YumYumNiki February 02, 2010
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