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Jenefa is a person who is kind and caring. She is very sarcastic and uses dark humour a lot. She loves to sing and has the voice of an angel. While appearing strong on the outside she can be very broken so you need to be careful about what you say about her to her face or someone else. She is a very excepting person and excludes no-one. She is lovable and sticks up for friends, family and those in need of help. She cannot refuse a challenge. She is very smart and intellegent and helps all those who need it. Even if you have upset her she will not be mean to you. A Jenefa has a tendency to lash out if you annoy her or those who are mean to her or her friends; but she will also try to gain back trust she has lost and always apologises. She is seen as good in everything to others but has very little self confidence in herself at times. She tends to be modest in everything and is proud of her achievements but will not brag. A Jenefa is a hardworking person who is very competitive yet a little bit of a perfectionist. She is also generous, intelligent and considerate of peoples feelings. The more she likes you the more she will insult you but that is a symbol of your friendship. She worries a lot and is very good at procrastinating. She is so multi-talented it makes people sick. A Jenefa is true to her friends and family even when she is annoyed at them and sticks up for people who are not there to defend themselves. She is very beautiful although she does not think so herself.
by Sierra Todo May 09, 2018
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