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A Christian fundamentalist and pronounced acronym for GBJC, which stands for Good Book Jesus Christ. The type of person who cannot do a single thing without having their religious dogma dictate their decisions for them and then proceeds to thank the Lord for anything and everything. A jeebee jaycee literally thinks they have a direct phone line to God and must announce that they talked to the Lord (i.e.: "prayed") in order to reach a major life decision.

Jeebee Jaycees often feel the need to advertise their faith with every pendant, sticker, t-shirt and symbol they can for the sake of feeling superior to those who don't and regularly go out of their way to convert others to the teachings of Jesus Christ. However, while Jeebee Jaycees interpret the Old Testament as literal fact, they are often found interpreting the New Testament.
Texas Senator Ted Cruz is a jeebee jaycee.
by streetlightserenader December 13, 2016
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