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A nickname for youtube user pruane2 (now pruane2forever). Given to him because you could drive a semi inbetween his teeth.

He brought on the fury of anon with his anti-porn videos, yet he himself has not reached puberty.

Jawsus: thanks leyshizzle for subscribing.
by Mo the Great February 01, 2008
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Long long ago, the four elemental aspects of Gaia banded together to seal the evil of Jawsus underneath the earth... But in recent times, the behemoth has been awakened and now currently reeks havoc upon the innocent viewers of youtube. Just one look at his face is said to instantly make you want to pour 10 gallons of lemon juice on your eyes.
Frank: Dude, check out this youtube link...
Xander: OMG dude, it better not be another rick roll...
Frank: Oh, no it's not... hehehehehehehe.
Xander: OMGOMGOMG. WTF WAS THAT? GAH, I'M BLIND. AH!!!! *gouges eyes out with spork*
Frank: *takes off mask to reveal Jawsus' hideous face* MUAHAHAHAHAHA!
by Alabeastmode February 11, 2009
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Jawsus is an ignorant, autistic creature discovered upon the deep sea, i mean ... youtube
He was nicknamed by this name from our pal, shitdicknipples. He hates porn, has bad teeth in which you can make bridges in between. The Jawsus, calls himself the "Sexman", "Sexinator", and "Gang Bang Productions" because he dreams to be a pedophile/ molester just like his old man, Father John.
This creature was famous from the Attack of the show and being featured on youtube for our laugh
He likes to say shit a lot, because thats how he would describe himself
We have discovered, after the featured video, 10,000 b.c., we analyzed through our discussion and came with the conclusion that, he came from the prehistoric time, due to his caveman teeth, looks, and voice.
Currently, his names go by Daffy Duck and Pruneman, more likely Jawsus
Jawsus: My Rambo Review!

by CchadPpherd July 11, 2008
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A Lv 80 pokemon found on youtube easily identified by his large and hideous teeth.
The creature was awakened from his 1000 year slumber when team rocket Heroically tried to fit some braces on his foul teeth.
It should be noticed that posting pornography on the internet does a one hit K.O.
Teamrocket grunt:Whats that noise?
by Jawsus4eva December 18, 2008
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I really faggy ten year old kid on youtube with bad teeth. Doesn't like porn and best friend is a lion. Yet he will other people "little", "kids" and "faggots", even though he is the very definition of all of those.

He himself thinks of himself as a legend. Goes by the actual username of pruane2forever and calls himself Sexman even though he is a virgin for life.
Jawsus: porn is not even that gud anyways.
by Run, it's Jawsus!!!! February 03, 2008
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