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Long long ago, the four elemental aspects of Gaia banded together to seal the evil of Jawsus underneath the earth... But in recent times, the behemoth has been awakened and now currently reeks havoc upon the innocent viewers of youtube. Just one look at his face is said to instantly make you want to pour 10 gallons of lemon juice on your eyes.
Frank: Dude, check out this youtube link...
Xander: OMG dude, it better not be another rick roll...
Frank: Oh, no it's not... hehehehehehehe.
Xander: OMGOMGOMG. WTF WAS THAT? GAH, I'M BLIND. AH!!!! *gouges eyes out with spork*
Frank: *takes off mask to reveal Jawsus' hideous face* MUAHAHAHAHAHA!
by Alabeastmode February 11, 2009

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