Janei, is basically "yesNO" in icelandic, its a sort of no, but its a bigger no then just no, ist like "humm, yes . . or NOT?!". The "yes" in this being irony which kind of builds up the negativity in the 'no' part.
Guy1: Hey check out www.butch.com its awesome
Guy2: jaNEI!


Guy1: check out this guy www.anime.is/haddi.jpg
Guy2: hahaha jaNEI ! ! !
by Kristmundur May 30, 2005
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(N.) A Goddess
She is beautiful and kind just like a Janey should be.
by Janey (ofcourse) October 28, 2003
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A silly girl. A jealous girl. A selfish, possessive, insecure, temperamental girl, but also a loving girl. A considerate girl. A simple, doting, sensitive, sweet girl if treated right. A cute girl. A pretty girl. And sometimes, a downright sexy girl. A girl who winds her way into people's hearts, and then wonders how she got there. A girl who flies high, who falls hard. A chance-taker, heart-breaker. Got them wrapped around her finger. Jane. Plain Jane. Just Jane, but so much more.
I adore Janey.
by I am who I am. Nothing more. November 12, 2009
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Jane is one of the sweetest people you will ever meet. She is caring and considerate, even though she might lack some school smarts, her street smarts are on point. She can be very jealous though, and falls for people very fast. Her love for people can sometimes blind her from her own needs, but if anyone can make you smile or laugh, it’s her! She has a hilarious laugh that makes everyone laugh even more. She’s always up for something dirty, and a total bundle of fun! The term plain jane is a dumb saying, Jane is bubbly and adorable, and even hot! She’s the full deal! If you ever get to meet a Jane, consider yourself lucky!
I love Janey! She’s so sweet and bubbly.
I know right? She just understands everything!
by Stroid January 3, 2020
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A term of endearment for a person called Jane. Arguably the greatest name ever.
Janey, I will have the last word!
by expecto patronum January 4, 2011
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irish, mainly rural.
can be used in a number of ways:
-as a sign of approval at something you have just been told or seen
-to describe someone or something that is cute
-ah janey!
-you should see my new pup, he is so janey
by hiccup girl May 18, 2007
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