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originated from the greek word, "Juh-Mon-UH"

It is a phrase shouted in ecstasy originally coined by Micheal Jackson. Could also be used as a verb, noun or adjective.
by vince silveira February 06, 2008
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adj. (Spanish - Literal translation: Female Ham) Pronunciation: Ha-moh-nah.

It is said of the female that reaches her late adult years without a husband/wife. It was previously attributed to females that never got married or had verifiable long-term human companionship. However, recent social connotations include divorced women, especially those who married early in her adulthood, divorced quickly, and never got married or had long-term relationships again. These women are notorious for their sad lonely eyes and their irrational love for their pets.
Poor woman, she divorced at 24 and has been jamona ever since.
by Grrror September 17, 2011
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