James Blond is a nickname for Daniel Craig who is the sixth James Bond, but has blond hair instead of the typical black hair that Bond has always had.
Many critics call Daniel Craig "James Blond" and some are very unhappy with him being cast as Bond.
by TheForgottenSpark November 12, 2006
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The name given to Daniel Craig, who plays James Bond in the 6th Bond Movie, Casino Royale. Many picky asswhipe critics say that Craig is a terrible James Bond because his hair is blond unlike all the Bonds before him, but I personally think he is very good.
Idiot: So have you seen Casino Royale yet with Daniel Craig as James Blond.

Me: Other than the fact that your question had no question mark at the end of it, I am going to point out that I think Craig is a splendid James Bond and he is a great actor, perfectly portraying the younger, more reckless Bond while still being smooth and stylish, and that you should not judge an actor's acting ability by the color of his hair alone.

Idiot: But he's BLOND!

Me: I'm going to have a hard time not killing you...
by Maverick1224 December 5, 2006
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Film, short movie, action/adventure/comedy (2005)

James Blonde is a spoof of James Bond. Blonde is portrayed by James Hawkins who goes after to defeat the international criminal Dr. Thunderballs, played by Stephen Stirling. The film was directed and written by Ryan Ehlen, who also plays Blonde's assitant Q-Tip. The movie also stars Matt Dal Zuffo, Conner Mellon and James Adriansen.
The movie James Blonde was very orginal I must admit.
by Nym September 2, 2005
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The genius and sassy character created by online author Leo Robertson. She is badass, low-key annoying, and the world's best example of a sidekick, personal assistant, and frenemie. She's got a clever answer for everything, and she's a sore loser when it comes to competition. Has the mouth of a sailor, and will swear at you faster than you can pull a trigger. She's a hater, she's a lover, she's a damn machine gunner.
She's a beauty, she's a grace, James Blond will punch you in the face.
by spillthedamntea February 4, 2018
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