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The name given to Daniel Craig, who plays James Bond in the 6th Bond Movie, Casino Royale. Many picky asswhipe critics say that Craig is a terrible James Bond because his hair is blond unlike all the Bonds before him, but I personally think he is very good.
Idiot: So have you seen Casino Royale yet with Daniel Craig as James Blond.

Me: Other than the fact that your question had no question mark at the end of it, I am going to point out that I think Craig is a splendid James Bond and he is a great actor, perfectly portraying the younger, more reckless Bond while still being smooth and stylish, and that you should not judge an actor's acting ability by the color of his hair alone.

Idiot: But he's BLOND!

Me: I'm going to have a hard time not killing you...
by Maverick1224 December 04, 2006
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