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1. something that is really messed up or retarded
2. something/someone really uncool or gay
person 1: hey man whats up
person 2: not much... hey what are you doing?
person 1: i was just hitting on joe's girlfriend
person 2: aww that's jam'd!
by eoso July 04, 2009
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person 1: hey can you come tonight?
person 2: no, sorry man i'm hitting on your girlfriend
person 1: dude, thats so fucking jam'd
by baljm August 10, 2009
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1. To offer assistance when it suits you, only to secretly take it away when it is no longer in your best interests.
2. To retask employees on a whim, without informing other project managers
I just got JAM'd.
by chlp606014 March 31, 2017
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