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Bad ass girl who think that she's right but she is really funny caring and a good actor she can sometimes be stubborn but lovable as well above all when she says she loves you she meand it. Plus she's a great fighter and will protect you at all costs.shy towards new people she meet but when you get to know her she will act her self. Cracking you up for days
by Goldemboy92100 January 24, 2015
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Jaleya is the type of girl who will make you laugh for days! Not only is her personality super hilarious, she's got a big heart. She'll stand up for you, if you’re her friend, but she hates leeches. Don’t ask her for answers repeatedly. She's an absolute genius and will blow your mind with how smart she is. Not only is her personality an brain awesome, she's got a bangin' body. Her face is sexy and she has such kissable lips. Her butt is so big, everyone at school stares, girls and boys alike. They all want to feel and touch on it. Overall, she’s a really great friend, get to know her, eh?
Damn, I smacked Jaleya’s ass and it was so soft!
Jaleya is so smart, she always gets a 100%.
by Mouse04 March 05, 2018
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