A special and unique person, Always thinking of others. Likes to make jokes, Makes friends easily. Doesn't care what people say about them. Likes to be active.
Wow, that's a jalan
by The Sniffer February 18, 2017
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Female Name Meaning Shining Light

-Often Very Beautiful with memorable Eyes


-Brilliant & Inventive
-Full of high inspirations.

-Original & Creative
-Loud & Blunt
-Is the Best Friend you can have but can be the Worst Enemy if you cross them
-Compassionate, Empathetic & Caring
-Will do anything for anyone & often puts others needs ahead of themself

-A Leader, especially for a cause. Sometimes do not care to finish & may leave details to others.

-Do well in position of authority & prospers in intellectual & professional fields.
-Bold, Independent, Inquisitive & Interested in research.

-Know what they want and why they want it.
-Very Intuitive & have a reservoir of inspired wisdom combined with inherited analytical ability, which reward through expressions of spiritual leadership, business analysis, marketing, artistic visions & scientific research.

-Operate on spiritual side of individuality can bring you to the great heights, and drop you off if you neglect your spiritual identity.

-Always looking for an opportunity to investigate the unknown, to use and show their mental abilities & find the purpose and meaning of life.

-Want to grow wise & to understand people & things.
-Need privacy to replenish energy.
-Have a unique way of thinking, intuitive, reflective, absorbing.
That's got Jalane Written all over it!

That Girl is So Jalane!

Its as loud & bright as a Jalane!

Shes gonna go full Jalane on you!
by Chachi18 December 19, 2016
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A person(unisex) who could fall in love with anyone men or women. A very dry person
David is jalan raya. He love all the girl he met
by Littleboss3838 March 20, 2021
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