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To attempt to make yourself look good on the internet, while making yourself look like a moron.
Jake: I made 'jake-ified' mean something awesome.
Everyone else: No, you made it mean something idiotic.
by VoiceoftheEclipse October 31, 2011
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To be burned, dissed, owned, pwnd, or otherwise shown the truth by means of one named or nicknamed Jake. This includes any and all Jakes around the world, including foreign language dialects such as Jakob, Yakob, Yakobeem, or Yakobemish. You will know you have been jake-ified when a Jake corrects your ignorance or ineptitude with an extremely comedic statement delivered with impeccable timing usually in a large social setting.
David- "You know the main export of Belize is timber"
Jake -"Actually that used to be true but now the main export is sugar and accounts for over half of all Belize's exports......bitch!!!"

(Laughter abounds at the bar where David was just jake-ified)
by mr.nickel February 05, 2010
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