Jahseh Is A Inspirational Artist Always Know What To Say To Make You Feel Good Some Describe Him As Being A Good Fighter And Having "Hands"
by RiziingYT April 4, 2017
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ya boi
typically used in a sentence with
by socialismdontwork February 25, 2019
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“Jahseh” means a gift from god in Egyptian or in Jamaican means legend
Person one:rip jahseh aka xxxtentacion :/
Person two: yeah he was a legend

Person one: well yeah his name literally means legend in Jamaican just look up “jahseh meaning” In google smh
by <3 Sammy <3 November 7, 2018
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Zach: "Jahseh, please give me the strength to kill a muthafucker."
by On Jah doe February 26, 2019
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i pledge allegiants to Jahseh of the united states of Jahseh an to the republic for which it stands one nation under Jah indivisible with liberty and justice for Jah. amen
I pledge allegiance to Jahseh.
by Narnarboy08 February 26, 2019
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The ultimate being. He is smart, funny, cute, hot, and the best in bed. He has his own currency. His legendary song Moonlight has affected millions. He is the father of the messiah Gekyume (Gay Cum) who will continue his fathers legacy by releasing Loot At Me 2
Carson: Dude Pratham is soo hot
Parker: Bruh on Jah. I’ll pay you 12 Jahcoins to suck him. Hopefully no one cops that dudes coochie he looks just like Jahseh
by NiggaInMyButthole February 10, 2019
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