Almost the same as jacked. To steal, take.
Ah You should jackroll that neek there bredwin.

Yeh skeen blud.
by Big D. Liu November 03, 2004
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In the black townships of South Africa, it means to abduct a woman and rape her. Named for a gang called the Jackrollers who did this in the Diepkloof area of Soweto in the late '80s.
There are some bad boys in this township, they are all about jackrolling ladies and hijacking cars.
by sumkalo May 25, 2011
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A person who robs drunk people (out on the streets where the drunk bar people walk around at night).
"Man I can hardly walk straight lets take this alley as a shortcut to the next bar." "Dude, what the fuck man, that bum just jacked my slice of pizza" "Oh shit he just knifed me and then took my wallet!"

- "That pig fucking jackroller !!"

Hey! That jack roller just gutted my car and stabbed me with a broken beer bottle!
by David DDDD October 28, 2007
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