story, a Britishism formed in the tradition of Cockney rhyming slang and which derives from an old kids' TV show by that name (featuring a different story every day)
What's the jackanory? (i.e. What happened? What's going on?)
by elian November 16, 2004
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one who feels obliged to talk copious amounts of verbal diarrhoea.
this is what a jackanory might say "this morning i woke up then ate my breakfast which consisted of bacon, eggs, sausages...........then i left the house and missed my train, the next train was cancelled, the next train was full and.........."
by neil mcnaughtan January 12, 2007
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"okey- dokey", everything is fine but not perfect it good be better
"He's got morning glory and lifes a different story
Everythings going jackanory" -Blur "Country House"
by myyo August 21, 2006
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a person/s who says jackanory is referring to a story or a lie
for example.that man is telling a jackanory (story) or a person who tells a lot of lies would be classed as that man who always tells jackanorys (storys made up)
by em28 February 6, 2022
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Cockney rhyming slang for "whats the story". The word comes from the title of a long-running BBC children's television series that was designed to stimulate an interest in reading.
Bloke A: "Whats the jackanory?"

Bloke B: "Fuck all mate"
by Makeety Strange August 30, 2009
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when you Masturbate with and Oreo. Your break it in half and dip it in milk and masturbate, whilst thrusting you need to drink the milk and dribble it on your genitals.
JackAnOryWhen Mom Catches You : " my girlfriend friends told me an Oreo was the best thing she has done. so I tried it"
Mom: "poor lad they were nice"
by jacknspak April 11, 2016
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In a group of friends or a 'gang' these youths will use the term 'Jackanory time' as a joke or some may even take it seriously, anything worth something of value is taken. Normally, handed back within a small amount of time.
Friend 1 - 'What time is it?'
Friend 2 - ' It's Jackanory time!!'
Friend 3 - 'aha PEAK! '
by J1zzabell December 22, 2016
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