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Following the trend of prefixing a genre name with J- to signify Japanese origin (eg J-pop, J-rock etc.), J-core is an abbreviated term for Japanese hardcore dance music.

Though many only associate this term with artists such as DJ Sharpnel who are well known for their very Japanese-flavoured anime/film sampling hardcore, the umbrella term can be used to describe many kinds of Japanese-flavoured hardcore, such as happy hardcore, freeform, speedcore and terrorcore.

This term can sometimes be used to describe hardcore punk music from Japan as well as just hardcore electronic/dance music.
Notable J-core artists include DJ Shimamura, Buzzmasta, M-Project, DJ Chucky, DJ Technorch, DJ Sharpnel and REDALiCE.
by JAKAZiD March 18, 2007
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A short term for Japanese Hardcore techno, as a sub-genre to Hardcore techno music. Other sub-genres of Hardcore music include UK Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, Gabber, Speedcore, Makina, Breakbeat, etc.

Usually lyrics produced from anime soundtracks, but is not limited to original lyrics sang as well.
Sasuke: Hey did you pick up those J-core albums I asked you to get for me at the M3 event?

Naruto: Please come back to the village with me.
by RC 000 May 3, 2013
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J-core is a term, used to define japaneese rapcore. The bands, that play in this genre are: Typhoon24 (with Tatsuzo from YKZ), YKZ, Rize, Foojin etc.
YKZs the j-core band, they rock.
by S09 March 2, 2007
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J-core is a term used worldwide for Japanese-Core, referring to Dance and Happy Hardcore. Ususally songs sample some form of anime/film and have a high bass factor. J-core is often an underground scene and it is very hard to get hold of.
DJ sharpnel, dj technorch, dj sugisuck, JEA, killingscum, J-Core Rocks!
by Karis ^^ May 12, 2006
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