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When one drinks nearly a full bottle of jäger to his or herself, they may feel as if their body has become overtaken by the "exorcist". This will result in a lot of screaming absurd things in a deep demonic voice....followed by, Terrible mosh dancing, accusing others of smelling like dog shit, a strange appetite for paper bags, banging your head off of ceiling fan switches, and a high risk of hitting on a very unattractive middle aged woman, who is already taken by a weird man, with a cat obsession...and that dislikes everything that changed since he was a child. A Jäger demon is something you do not want to encounter. Many incidents have resulted in broken glasses, bloody shoulder blades, and laryngitis. Jäger is an amazing beverage, just be careful to not abuse it's amazing powers!
"Joey had jäger demons and told everyone Darlene gave him a rim job."
by Mojojoejoemojo October 11, 2013
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