From what i have gathered, this is a way most people get by saying insulting and asshole-like things.

Asshole: dude your fat, retarded, ugly and gay! HAHA j/k!!

Me: you fuckin dick.

Asshole: what? i said j/k!!
by elevendy one December 1, 2009
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Texting and chatting acronym that means "just kidding (but for real)."

Can also be written simply as jkbfr.
Doug123 says: Hey Mike, your mom is a total MILF!"

Mike456 says: My dad thinks so."

Mike456 says: J/K (BFR)

Doug123 says: Yeah, your mom is a MILF.

Doug123 says: jkbfr
by Old Toe March 6, 2013
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The double j/k is a sometimes annoying practice of saying jk/j/k multiple times in a row. It is thus an example of epiphora, for you linguistic nerds out there. Ordinarily used when messing with someone. Occasionally double j/k's are used to make someone THINK you were joking.
Prima: I banged your sister.
Secunda: WHAT!?
Prima: also I crashed your car.

Prima: double j/k! *cough*

Prima: I hate you.
Secunda: D:
Prima: j/k!
Secunda: ass.
Prima: YOU'RE an ass, God, you're such a fuckhead sometimes! I can't believe you!
Secunda: wha--but--I--
Prima: J/K! Hahahaha!
Secunda: -_-;
by ReySquared May 17, 2009
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Author of the world-dominating Harry Potter books.

Started living off state benefit in a grotty flat with a love child and ended up being richest, best-selling novelist of all time (probably).
by paul raine May 5, 2004
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An author that wrote many books, including the Harry Potter series. She’s also done many transphobic things, and that made me lose respect for her. Although I still love Harry Potter, I do not support J. K Rowling.
1: J. K Rowling’s the best! I love Harry Potter!
2: Haven’t you heard that she’s transphobic?
1: Wait, she is?? Ugh, transphobes are the worst. Does this mean I have to stop loving Harry Potter?
2: No, you don’t have to stop loving it. Just try not to support J. K Rowling’s cause.
by do_not_talk_to_me December 19, 2020
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J K, as in jokes on MSN. and joshin as in joking. Joshin is joking.
your gay. J K, Just joshin
by McExtraah October 4, 2008
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Theorem stating that there is some truth to every "j/k."

Every time somebody claims to be joking, one knows that part (if not all) of what they say is actually true.
(the Absolute Theorem of J/K in practice)

Person 1: Hey, man. what are you doing?

Person 2: Talking crap about you to other people and being the most hypocritical friend in the world. j/k. Not much.
by reinix March 21, 2009
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