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Iyana is a beautiful girl with the best personality,her shining big beautiful smile will knock your socks off! she's extremely Protective Over what belongs to her she is trust worthy. Every guy wants to be with iyana. She's extremely smart. She's a fighter but a lover. Her hair is absolutely gorgeous, her body is absolutely amazing, She is a blessing , she has a big heart, she loves her family and loved ones. Iyana is the most forgiving person.
"She's perfect her name has to be iyana"!
by Candy33221 April 27, 2017
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a very caring person who is too generous for herself; she is super sexy in the behind section with her flowing hari she can be irressitable. she has alot of friends who can depend on her always
>African Princess<
Oh, look at her, shes' such an Iyana!
by indiangurl November 02, 2010
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The most beautiful and amazing girl in the world. Makes a great girlfriend. Very funny and talented. Easy to get along with. Fun to hang out with.

If you ever meet an Iyana, never let her go. You'll regret it.
by JuneGemini January 15, 2017
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Iyana is such a great person and never lose her! If you ever meet her don’t lose her EVER! She will make a great gf don’t turn your back on her though cause you will be goner. If you treat her bad while you guys are dating she will forget about you and move on without telling you. Everyone loves her you’ll be lucky if your one of the people she allows you into her life.
ugh I have always wanted an Iyana!”
“Same but you have gotta earn that shit”
by Child burn May 03, 2018
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Iyana is the most beautiful girl! Girls are so jealous of her and she is kinda self conscious about what she wears or what she looks like. She will work hard very smart and hard working also very ambitious. Never let her go.
Iyana walked by
Holy shit she is hot”

Yeah I know she is Iyana”
by Child burn March 25, 2018
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Iyana is an amazing person who loves all and is loved by all, Iyana is the ride or die type who is loyal, trustworthy, and just fun to be around. All of iyana's exes are dumb to leave her, Iyana has the body of a god she's everyone's type Iyana is the girl with hella hoes, Iyana means beautiful blessing,so have a daughter and make her an Iyana
that's soo Iyana
by the_real_one_101 September 17, 2018
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Iyana is the funniest girl you will ever meet. She will always be there for you and people (once they get to know her) love her. Iyana is such an outgoing person and loves making friends. Iyana is very freaky when it comes to boys but will never talk about it. Although she gets along with students she doesn’t really get along with teachers. Iyana knows how to treat a man and likes spending time with her family, friends and significant other.
Wow Iyana is so amazing.
by Demeter November 19, 2018
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