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Frilly, sophisticated and loving girl, to whom she is with. Around other cold, distant, sarcastic. Ivanna is a wonderful person, really funny always makes others laugh. Very intelligent, when she wants to be, or may just come off ignorant in other cases. Loves to flaunt what she can, but discreetly so no one notices. Good at anything she puts her mind to, but usually quits cause she feels like she has to learn something else. Very complex girl. Can be crying one minute laughing the next, you never know. Mostly falls for the cocky asshole type, or falls for the ones that aren't worth her time, or falls for the ones that seem like assholes but are actually really kind deep deep down. Hates to show weakness, feels impowered and weak. Ivanna's are a rare type of girls, if you ever have the chance to meet them your in luck but if you ever get to have one show you all their most inner thoughts and tantics, you my friend just got a miracle.
Wow, Ivanna is athletic, funny, smart, sophisticated, silly and well, everything else in the world.

Don't mess with Ivanna, shes sweet but can turn sadistic in a minute.
by Alitoooom August 27, 2013
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Great indivual. Good friend. Beautiful hair/smile. Cute. Very funny. Cute Laugh. VERY talkitive. Different personaltiy in a good way. Always there for you! Smart. Has many goals.
Wow...that Ivanna girl is amazing.
by funnypants23234 July 10, 2008
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Very nerdy person who loves books, especially crap ones (girl king, Boy queen)
I state the obvious!
by mr.funnypants May 05, 2005
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Smells like poop on a Tuesday. Always has her mouth open, when she thinks.
That girl, yea she's an Ivanna, her mouth open and smells like poop.
by MokaMontgomery November 11, 2014
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