A phrase to denote that it's time to throw down or compete at a high level; something is about to go down. The use of the comical video game character Donkey Kong provides comic relief but the phrase itself has greater or more significance than simply its on.

Many people incorrectly assume the phrase's origins are from various movies in which it is used but term was popularized by rapper Ice Cube when he used the phrase in the song "Now I gotta Wet'cha" off his Predator album in 1992. It is unknown at this time whether Ice Cube was the person that originally coined the phrase.
Friend: Yo dog, I just hooked up like 2 kegs and got all the honies from Alpha Epsilon Omega to come to the party you gotta check this shit there is like 4 girls to every 1 guy!

Me: Snap, Its on like donkey kong, nigga!
by BJ Penn July 12, 2006
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Used to describe it's on and time to party big time.

Originated by Robert Mori of San Francisco, California 1980's.
Rob would close down his Arcade for the night he would grab a Colt 45 Tall Can slam it and scream its on like Donkey Kong. He would then proceed to go out and get wasted and try to get laid.
by Lisa P May 25, 2006
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Game over it is the highest level of go time someone is gonna die
Oh thats it its on like donkey kong
by KyRo October 18, 2004
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a phrase used to incite fear in an opponent, so much more than simply 'it's on', the inclusion of primate legend Donkey Kong stems from DK's penchant for victory. used by one Steve Stifler in American Pie 3 to provoke Mr Paul Finch. also, the worst insult/compliment that can be used in a checkers game.
by failure33object April 24, 2005
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