The heavy appliance of cologne and/or deodorant to a male Italian body before going out for the night. Under all circumstances, the showeree deems this an adequate supplement for a conventional shower. Also to be noted: the chain, greasy hair, beater, and/or track suit.
"Nick, hurry up, you're late for your threesome."
"Hey man, hold on one sec, I gotta take an italian shower......where's my Right Guard?"

Also, See Nick Cordella
by Devantoucher April 30, 2005
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Italian showers are when an someone who works construction hides a bottle $2 cologne in the glove compartment of their dirty construction vehicle. They do not go home after work and just go straight to the strip club and douse themselves in cheap cologne.
I only had time for an italian shower.
by Cobbs666 December 5, 2006
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Going out for a date without actually TAKING a shower, but strategically putting on DRAKKAR NOIR or some masking scent to the UMPTEENTH degree.
by Beetlejuice May 8, 2003
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To not wash but spray deodorant over the body to cover the odour cos of lack of time or total laziness.
I brushed my teeth but had an Italian shower due to the lack of time and was still late for work.
by C.W August 1, 2006
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The over-usage of any musk, cologne, body spray, or perfume. Named after people of italian descent, they will soak themselves in these scents without even noticing the nose burning, and sometimes eye-watering effects.
Logan: What's that horendous smell?
Steve: Oh it looks like Tyler just took an italian shower, he just had rugby so no doubt he's making up for his odour with too much old spice
Logan: Yes, I forgot his mom was italian, it all makes sense now
by Logie G February 22, 2009
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When an individual masturbates into his hands, then uses the resulting mess to slick back his hair.
I'll be ready yo hit the club, right after a quick Italian shower.
by kilgore23trout October 16, 2009
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A particular nasty version of the golden shower involving red pee through the over-consumption of beets
I gave her an Italian shower last night after she stink fingered me
by The Danish connection November 13, 2009
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