A female name. She's very sensitive, and can fall apart at any moment. A great friend, and very beautiful. She is a kind hearted person that you should never let go of. You will never find another one in your life. She is honest, trustworthy and listens well. People can come to her with their problems. She is a great friend and girlfriend material.
Person 1: Hey I've heard you got a new girlfriend?
Person 2: Yeah! She's my girlfriend and my best friend.
Person 1: Must be an iswa.
by tutur February 16, 2019
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1) Scum of the earth
2) One extremely fucked up individual
3) A sucker
4) Bastard
5) Every bad association with a person tacked into one word

See also James
Asshole: Yea man, im serious now, fucker.
Person: You're such an iswas.
by Rarrarr! March 11, 2003
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