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A Hearts of Iron 4 YouTuber with about 300k subs who makes 10ish minute long videos with editing so the game isn't a complete bore and political/meme humor in his videos. His fanbase consists of edgy 12-15 year olds. One of his jokes is that belgium is a fake country, as seen in the #belgianlivesmatter videos.
Did you see the new isorrowproductions video? He played as belgium in the Modern Day mod.
by HectorMowsMyLawn June 17, 2018
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Isorrowproductions is a youtuber who has over 200k subs and plays Paradox Interactive games in which they have created: Cities Skylines, March of the Eagles, Hearts of Iron 4, Europa Universalis 4 and many more but Isorrowproductions mostly plays Hearts of Iron 4 but has played other Paradox games and is close to the youtubers Drew Durnil and Alex the Rambler who also play HOI4 (Hearts of Iron 4) Isorrowproductions has revealed his face in his videos before but the first significant one was in a yogscast stream for HOI4 the only time he showed his face before was years ago at the beginning of his channel he has another account called ISP where he posts timelapse
Guy1:"Isorrowproductions just did a face reveal on Yogscast last night!"

Guy2: "Who?"
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Someone who sucks cool on a regular basis
"Hey man I might be gay but at least I don't suck as much cock as isorrow productions "
by TheKnowerOfAllThinga October 15, 2017
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