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a great man, going out with the right girl, but hanging out with the wrong people.
'look at that isnad, hanging out with those chicks. what is he thinking? but don't worry, he won't break up with her.'
by The Waxed Nips September 01, 2008
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great guy with the sexiest mullet around. has the perfect girl and he knows how lucky he is
guy 1: we should all be like Isnad!
guy 2: i dunno MVP is pretty cool...
by herro1 September 01, 2008
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some mad dog, whose pretty hot, doesn't realize hes dating the wrong girl. good with the ladies, known by all. has a massive pet iguana :D
girl 1: fuck hes so hot
girl 2: yeh what an isnad!!
by bfflzorr July 25, 2008
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