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someone who thinks they are way too cool for owning an ipod. you might find an islut flaunting their ipod constantly, or engaging in lengthy conversation while donning their trademark white headphones. isluts like to hang out at starbucks, and they like to think that they are intellectuals and individuals
That islut is quite the looker with those emo glasses
by gay April 26, 2005
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Typically dumb female with an otherwise normal name, who shortens or substitutes her name and ends with an "i", under the mistaken belief that this will make her look more interesting and "kookier". It does, in fact, only makes her look like a silly slut who'll do anything to catch men's attention.

For example:

Mandy - Mandi
Susan - Suzi
Margaret - Maggi
Nicola - Nikki

An extreme example of this is the "double I-Slut", where two "ii"s are used instead of just one, rendering the female even sillier and slutier. Often seen with hearts dotting the i's.
Example 1:
Jennifer was thinking of changing her name to Jenni, but was worried about looking like an i-slut.

Example 2:
Office Jock 1: This hot new chick called Kristii has started is temping at our office this morning.
Office Jock 2: Oh man, a double i-slut!! Have you fucked her yet?
by jpeterman July 05, 2006
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A guy typically in his mid 50s, obsessed with Apple products, masturbates to a picture of the new iPhone 7 which is printed on Apple's new book(has pictures of Apple products)which costs 300$ that he pre-ordered, on his new Mac whilst listening to Justin Bieber with his Apple Music Subscription on his new iPad.
Dude1: Dude did you see the new Red iPhone 7? it sucks man! its just a colour!!
Dude2: Wtf man! it Rocks! its so beautiful! its the sexiest phone yet! its baeeeee!! i would totally jizz on it!!
Dude1: You fuckin "iSlut"!!
Dude2: Wtever man
by ChewySuarez April 03, 2017
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Someone who has to own every single apple product.
E.g: I pod,i mac,i phone, just coz theres a new one out not there old ones dont work.
"see that chick in the office, she fucken got every apple i product

each i pod, shuffle, nano, all that shit
Fucken i mac and shit she even got the new i phone 4g with a new cover each day

when there was nothing wrong with her old original one
What an I-SLUT!"
by KingKrnz88 November 16, 2010
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When someone is constantly being slutty on Internet chatrooms, as in offering to describe their pussy or penis and offering to start webcam sex with strangers
Girl 1: See that girl over there?

Girl 2: Oh yeah, she's such an iSlut. Last night she contacted my brother and asked him to talk dirty to her
by Niki Jay Muller October 18, 2010
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