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island trees: the new jail that opened up that the teachers like to pretend is a school. When really, it's just a fail .
person:what school do you go to?
student: oh i go to the new jail cell that just opened called island trees.
by islandtrees. September 10, 2010
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island trees is basically a school that is made up of levittown, bethpage, seaford, and plainedge. its a school where people who think/wish they were black, new pricipals come every year, and kids smoke pot on the corners. every kid has hung out at the movies, wendys, or taco bell at least 100 times, thinking that thier cool. you ride in richie the ice cream mans truck and played soccer w. the little leprichaun on ur shirt. u chill in ur friends basement or backyard and get wasted on weekends. u hang out at the green and school yards and get drunk and then run from the cops when they come. the football team sucks and everyone goes to games just to see them lose. there are always hot young teachers to look at, and old ugly teachers to laugh at. yet they still get more tha half the school sports funding year after year. you call teachers by first names. everyone knows puccio hates freshman.. everyone always talks smack about freshmen, even though they used to be freshmen. you all know puccio hates freshmen. you go to ginos atleast twice a month for lunch. everyone says when they grow up theyr gonna leave island trees, but only half of us actually will. its pretty much the lamest school around, but everyone that goes there loves it and they know it!
2 common converations between two students from island trees:
ex1) -hey wut r u doing tonight?
-getting drunk you

ex2) - sup hommie
- ur white
by it bulldog!!! October 10, 2006
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