The time vacuum created by the ocean's presence. Similar to stoner's time, everything moves nice and slow. This carefree aura even has the ability to travel with islanders and can engulf you in their presence.
What did you do today?

Well after my second nap, I sat around, looked out the window and had a cocktail.
I am on island time.
by dshghjg August 13, 2008
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time zone of people of pacific island decent, normally runs ten minutes behind real time.

"is the bus late or have i missed it?" "na bro its just running on island time.
by McGiNgA May 17, 2008
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Allows for lateness to be completely acceptable when you are on vacation or just returning from. Really just a bad excuse for laziness and just forgetting things all the time, usually turns into a bad habit.
Boss: Kolohe, you've been late for work 5 times in the last two weeks, what's the deal?

Kolohe: Sorry, I'm just livin' on island time brah!
by Nikolai Kovalchuk June 10, 2013
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An invisible concave barrier that separates Manitoulin Island, a place where it is perfectly acceptable to be drunk before noon, from the outside world.

When passing through this barrier, by means of swing bridge or boat, the time space continuum slows down due to the island's laid back attitude.
1) Everyone is driving so slow!

"They can't help it, they're on island time."

2) Drinking? At this time in the morning?

"Relax, we're on island time now!"
by JohnnyWalksSlowly December 29, 2011
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Getting to Fred’s by 5
No we can’t get to Fred by 5 because it’s Margaux time... now actual island time
by Stankkkkkkkkkk March 23, 2021
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Often confused with the sense that people on an island have about the.progression of time.

The correct definition refers to a specialized dump that can only be created my a certified dump master. In order to take an Island Time shit the dumper must drop at least one fully formed log into a toilet containing tidy bowl blue water whilst simultaneously urinating into the toilet. The yellow mixes with the blue creating an ocean green that the Caribbean is well known for.

If the dumper wipes and adds toilet paper to the bowl it is no longer an Island Time shit. This is why the conditions must be right and this can only be pulled off by a dump master.

It is also necessary to rise before wiping to get a view of your masterpiece from a height. Pics are not necessary but always appreciated.

Rare as an Island Time dump is it is even rarer to hear a female boast and or mention this type of specialized shit.
Man that looks like a photo from the plane when I went on Spring Break. Smell is Island Time!
by Angus McCracken February 10, 2020
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Phrase first used by Anchor Island Coffee in Kansas City, MO to describe the daily ceremony of marijuana self medication
A: Are you available tonight?
B: No, I'll be on private island time
A: Nice, Enjoy!
by 32whiskey January 30, 2023
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