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Fear of islamophobia. Fear that any action which might offend any Muslim could lead to accusations of islamophobia and must be avoided. Labelling any concerns over Islam as racist hate and rabid phobia, so as to avoid addressing the issue. Excusing Islam of any role in any incident. Replacing any reference to Muslim perpetrators with words like 'Asian' or 'extremist'. Refusal to investigate Muslim criminals for fear of being called racist. Seeing Muslims as always victims.
Did you hear there's been another Muslim terror plot. The Prime Minister has used islamofauxbia to say it's nothing to do with Islam which is a religion of peace and has warned against any backlash.

Islamofauxbic police ignored Muslim paedophile gangs.
by flexd November 02, 2013
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Etymology: A portmanteau of Islamophobia and faux

1) A hoax perpetrated by a Muslim or Muslims made to look like an anti-Islamic hate crime or hate speech

a) Refusing to call Islamic terrorism Islamic terrorism
b) Refusing to admit that Islamic terrorist groups such as ISIS are really Islamic
c) A form of virtue signaling to make yourself appear better than everyone else by claiming Islam is a religion of peace, usually while claiming all other religions, especially Christianity, are violent but ignoring how the violence is always on the part of Muslims.
c 2) Claiming anything bad said about Islam is Islamophobia, even though it's the truth
1) The Minnesota mosque attack was a case of Islamofauxbia

2) Barack Obama has a bad case of Islamofauxbia
2c) Liberals call me an Islamophobe for pointing out that Muslims are sexist, homophobic pedophiles and that the Crusades were fought in retaliation against Islamic oppression against Christians and Jews.
by Heil Swiffer January 09, 2018
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