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Isb, also known as the International School of brussels. this place is great academically and universities will probably just bow down to in front of you once you graduate from there.
However it's full of Americans that don't know anything about the world. The only places they go to are their houses, the school campus, and nua's , a shit bar downtown with stupid kareokee nights, these students go ape shit for. if you want to have fun, have normal friends, a social life, discover hot women, don't come here.
Bobby Joe Smith : oh, what's the plan tonight ?
Courtey robert quincy : My mom made us popcorn and rented out Avatar. Then let's go hook up with our really close friends at Nua's and make next week really akward at isb.
Bobby Joe Smith : sounds awesome let's do it.
by tss tss April 22, 2010
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ISB is an acronym for Incredibly Sexy Butt. It has been used on numerous occasions toward people to post pictures of their sexy butts. Non bare of course. People have been known to wear pajama pants, jeans, etc.

Has been used on forums as a joke to get members involved by posting pictures of sexy butts. It's good fun.
Oh my god, you have a great ISB", "Post your ISB, everyone is doing it.
by inwinter December 27, 2010
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Isb is a school full of cunts, especially when all teachers are fat asses. Isb it’s especially shittier when Maria-Fat-ass is in charge
I go to isb
by JEjenneridiiff October 30, 2017
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