When a guy and girl try anal for the first time and it hurts so bad that she never lets him penetrate her backdoor again.
When I put in she screamed and wouldn't let me try ever again, it was irreconcilable sodomy.
by letithappen88 August 06, 2016
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*see def. trumpspective
The unwillingness, and/or inability, to reconcile profoundly fundamental and essentially divergent truth-claims as to render mutual incompatability.
Can you list 5 things that you DO agree on?
Ummm, Nope. But we can add Irreconcilable trumpspective Differences to the 'DO NOT' list.
by YAWA May 04, 2020
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50% Chance this is an insult. If you are wrong, then it doesnt matter because insult recepient is well enough adjusted to have a laugh.
Person A : Ahhh, your parents had irreconcilable differences.
Person B:. That Insult was exremely uncalled for and unproffesional.
by smart ass guy May 17, 2011
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