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A controversial, very difficult figure skating move performed by pairs. One partner holds the other's legs around his/her neck and swings them around like a giant swing. The thrower lets go and allows the partner to do a huge flip in mid-air which turns them upside down. The thrower must then do a 360 body spin like a buzzsaw and avoid cutting the partner's head off.

The only successful attempt in professional pairs figure skating was by Chazz Michael Michaels and Jimmy MacElroy.

Yes.. by 2 men and only after Chaz broke his ankle from a pearl thrown by one of the Van Walderbergs and with MacElroy serving as the thrower.
"The Iron Lotus was so controversial it was only performed in North Korea. Kim Jong-Il had the pair attempt it in front of a large army and audience only to see the pair fail. The partner cut off the thrown partner's head with his skate when he performed his spin. He then picked the head up and wept."

"My ankle is broken, I'm going to need you to throw me instead for the Iron Lotus."
by JimmyNumberOneFan April 02, 2007
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when one person hooks up with a girl, and LESS THAN 30 minutes later, the first person's friend does the same thing, so the second person is, in a way, really hooking up with his friend.
this action can be done knowingly or unknowingly.

-"hey dan i heard you pulled an iron lotus on ann last friday after the football game"
-"Ah fuck, who was the dude?
-"it was me haha"
by Havermeyer September 07, 2008
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1. A term used in figure skating when the current skaters are putting on a less-than-stelar performance

2. Couples ice skating move in which the male spins the female partner and releases her into the air into a back flip, while the male performs a 360 degree flip. Impossible to perform between a male and female.
1. Wow, that couple sucks. The only way they can come back is with an Iron Lotus.

2. Ouch! Chaz Michael Michaels seems to have hurt his ankle! How will they perform the Iron Lotus?
by ikhav February 15, 2010
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