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Origin from an Arabic word, the real meaning was blessing. Irham is a sweet, loyal guy to be with. He is very romantic and can melt your heart with his words,for his word not a lie, it is a truth.
"Oh my god, you are so irham(Romantic)"

" I hope i have your Irham(blessing) mom"
by Amdiction April 23, 2018
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Usually Irham defines about a talented person and artistic . He is actually a smart and handsome guy who is actually a kind gentleman . If u know an Irham then you should appreaciate him as he is one of a billion .
‘ Wow who is that talented guy ? ‘
I dont know but all I can say is hes maybe an Irham ‘
by mightyaboy April 22, 2018
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type of person who arent judgemental, go by their own ways, caring, full of love, who doesnt left people behind, quiet humble but always over-confident. very shy and people might be misunderstood that they a snob by not talking much.
look at that man, acah bad boy je, he’s so irham, padahal baik je.
by bunkerface April 23, 2018
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