The simultaneous use of an ipod by two people, whereby one of the participants uses the designated right earbud and the other participant the left.
I hear Julie and Mike are having unprotected ipod sex; Don't they know they could pass an ear infection that way!
by Byron Smith January 12, 2006
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1. The act of sharing earbuds with another person on your iPod, listening to music together.

2. The acting of sharing music on your iPod with another willing person.
Last night, I had the best iPod sex ever after an iPod date.
by BenderRobot June 7, 2010
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A disturbing trend among American teens in which someone writes and records audio erotica about a friend. This person will then listen to the vulgar audio file in public, often in the presence of unwitting friends and family.
After John sent her his latest mp3, Mary was suspended for having iPod sex at school.
by hornydude6969 August 12, 2011
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