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Very opinionated female who is awesome and will rock your world. Gets along with everyone in sight. Funny and sarcastic no matter what. Not a person to mess with, if so, your life will become a living hell. An animal lover. Ambitious. :
"Oh man! There's that romo chick, ionela."
by Ionela September 06, 2008
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Ionela is a sweet warm-hearted girl. Although, only to her friends. To strangers, she is more non-talkative towards their appearance. When she or he argues with someone with some type of form of drama, she is a demon in a form of human, so do not mess with her. Although Ionela is overall kind, she is also possibly clueless and gullible to anything her friends say or accuse. Because of this, this causes drama, and her to be very much like a demon who will make your life hell. Overall, an Ionela might be a bad choice for a partner, roommate or friend. This does not apply to all.
Person 1: Ionela fought with me yesterday, but the rumours are not true! She’s too gullible with her friends!

Person 2: Maybe, but it was most likely a misunderstanding that she doesn’t want to realize.

Person 1: I completely agree, even though she is kind, well, was, she is also mean and harsh when she hears something about her.

Person 2: Also agreed, she’s sweet and all but she can be a devil in disguise, that’s why you should always beware of an Ionela. Even if she’s insanely pretty.
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