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A word that has acceptable usages within an ingroup, but is typically inappropriate, derogatory, and/or discriminatory if used by people outside of that group.

Such words can be used in a harmless sense among friends and allies as long as all are in agreement that it is causing no harm.

The regard for these boundaries is very hit-or-miss. Some people are consistently respectful, whereas others might use such words without thinking or caring.
The N word is an inword among black people. When used by nonblack people, it denotes racism.
Faggot is an inword among LGBTQIAP+ people. When used by someone who is not LGBTQIAP+, it denotes homophobia/transphobia.
Bitch is an inword among women. When used by men, it denotes misogyny.
by Fausputch October 20, 2014
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