Egh, those fucking Alternates…
Anyways, "an intruder" is a character in The Mandela Catalogue who first appeared on 4chan's /tg/ board in 2010. It's based off a police sketch that was found by an anonymous user who uploaded the sketch on
by 7568ino January 20, 2022
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Someone who climbs in windows, snatches people up and tries to rape them. It is preferred to hide your kids, your wife and husband when you meet said bed intruder.
Steven: did you see that bed intruder on the news today?

Chad: Yeah. He left his t-shirt and fingerprints and all.

Steven: they are really dumb.

Chad: for real.
by Leviathong November 29, 2021
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Referring to the suspicious imposter of the among us crew ship.
` Bro I think Jeremy is the Incognito Intruder `
by EclipseAdminTay August 5, 2021
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When it is very cold and your balls creep up into the crevices to hide away
by Qlesbo April 7, 2022
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