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1. Where a dude is administered a dose of meds by inserting a smooth-tipped syringe into his urethra.
2. Where Dude#1 jizzes into a specially-designed syringe as described in Definition #1, and then injects said jizz into Dude#2's tallywacker so that his own sperm will be also released along with Dude#2's load during his next intercourse-session.
Intrapenis injection can be useful in at least two commonly-occurring circumstances: one is if Dude #1 wishes that the gal whom Dude#2 is about to mate with would allow him to "do it" with her, too, and so at least he can know that his own love-juice will be deposited into the gal's "special spot" along with the other guy's load; the other situation would be if the two guys are concerned that the gal may get pregnant, and so they hope to confuse a DNA-test by mixing up their jizz on its way in.
by QuacksO February 01, 2018
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