The mash-up between "internet" and "entertainers" to describe the job of YouTubers Rhett and Link.
Person #1: "Hey, you' ve got to check out theses internetainers"
Person #2: "Who?! What?!"
Person #1: "Amazing people from the internet named Rhett and Link"
by Randler Beast October 3, 2015
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Entertainment via Internet. This word was created by two Youtubers, Rhett and Link, who defined themselves as internetainers.
Rhett and Link, iJustine and MysteryGuitarMan are great internetainers; they make good internetainment!
by Steph-9 November 7, 2011
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An individual(s) internetainers who dedicate their lives to striving to create and providing entertainment for the world on the internet.
Rhett and Link are popular internetainers on the worldwide broadcasting platform YouTube.
by ScuubZ March 22, 2018
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