Name for internet explorer when you have to use it or are mad at it.
I have to use internet exploder again because this program will not work with Firefox.

internet exploder just crashed again.
by EJmcn June 22, 2009
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Term commonly used in place of 'Internet Explorer', Microsoft's shitty web browser that does nothing but serve you popups, viruses, and spyware.
by Louie C. August 8, 2004
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Man or woman or weirdo who wanks/masturbates over almost anything online regularly and shoots his load whilst doing so.
Person 1: Hey, that old pervy fella at the library using the computer is a full on 'internet exploder'
Person 2: Him, ah yes he's always pretending hes studying, a real internet exploder!
Person 1: uh huh!
by 'Whisky Business' February 19, 2021
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