Foundational phenomenon of intermodernism in which popular culture (mass media) intersubjectively collapses (interreferentializes) into hyper-atomized social media experiences or accounts each acting as their own broadcasting motifs, channels etc.

Predecessor to hypermedia (functional augmented reality) of hypermodernism.
In intermedia (second-generation social media) each individual social media account becomes a channel or medium-in-itself blurring (causing to become intersubjective) the lines between the individual producer and consumer.
by sandrashine August 2, 2018
a conceptually based fine arts degree with different mediums including new media, such as video and animation, performance/mixed media art and public space. Pretty much anything non-traditional intertwined into the fine art world.
I'm still confused as to why I'm an intermedia arts major.
by crustyskaman April 22, 2011