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Adj. 1. Appealing to or engaging the intellect in a sexual way. Intellexual pursuits.
2. Possessing or showing intellect and sexiness, especially to a high degree. Intellexual person.

N. 1. A person of superior intellect and sexuality.
2. A person who places high value in ensuring intellect is utilized to sexually excite others.

3. A person who engages in the academic study of the role of intellect in sexual pleasure.
The two had such a strong intellexual connection that smart conversation elicited as much desire as contact.
by lauri lea December 22, 2009
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to experience a feeling of intense pleasure, similar to that of a sexual rush, when partaking in an intellectual endeavor
Intellexual is the feeling you get...When you pwn using big words, and intellectual concepts that stupid people don't understand and you feel a rush similar to an orgasm.
by mr&mrs.sammer September 27, 2011
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The type of relationship shared between two acquaintances who enjoy sharing stimulating intellectual discussions to the point of simultaneous Intellectual Orgasm.
Jeremy: "John and I had a marvellous discussion on Consequentialism last night, we both had an Intellectual Orgasm."
Henry: "What are you, gay?"
Jeremy: "No, we are Intellexual."
by ChodoGaggins April 26, 2010
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How you spell intellectual if you're not intellectual.
Austin: Man, Michael is so intellexual!
Adrian: That's intellectual you dumbshit.
by TbcGames July 05, 2013
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a person who uses their intellect for mainly sexual pursuits.. inuendo.. double meanings.. fLirting.. seduction and the enjoyment of sex
man.. that friend of urs is Like a totaL intellexual.. did they Like go to the university of love ?
by dr pufaLo December 12, 2017
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