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Combining intelligent with telegenic (their defs follow)

in·tel·li·gent + tel·e·gen·ic = intelegenic

in·tel·li·gent (ĭn-tìl'ə-jənt) adj.
-Having intelligence.
-Having a high degree of intelligence; mentally acute.
-Showing sound judgment and rationality: an intelligent decision; an intelligent solution to the problem.
- Appealing to the intellect; intellectual: a film with witty and intelligent dialogue.
- Computer Science Having certain data storage and processing capabilities: an intelligent terminal; intelligent peripherals.

tel·e·gen·ic (tìl'ə-jìn'ĭk) adj.

Having a physical appearance and exhibiting personal qualities that are deemed highly appealing to television viewers: "Do we insist on a telegenic President?"
(William F. Buckley, Jr.)

--American Heritage Dictionary

Isn't Barack Obama intelegenic (both looks and smarts)?

JFK was called telegenic, since the Urban Dictionary wasb't around in the '60s
by SteveChicago May 07, 2008
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