relating to or denoting sound waves with a frequency below the lower limit of human audibility.
Powerful infrasonic calls enable elephants to send messages and warnings.
by Nannnnna December 13, 2021
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Non-Tarski spaces contain not only the set (infinity) of points in the space-interior; but also the uncountable set (superset) of points on the interior WALL of the sphere.

Although non-Tarski shapes contain only interior points: they are porous.

This is due to the spinning-panformal-primes on the Tarski sphere..
Tarski shapes (superset on the exterior of the shape) are nonporous; while non-Tarski shapes (superset on the wall-interior) are porous. The concept of internal (infrasonic) cavitations helps explain the relative porousness of non-Tarski shapes by assigning them to spinning-panformal-primes embedded in the interior wall of the non-Tarski shape.

These (internal) cavitations allow the points of gravity-frequentism (dark frequentism) to escape outside of the non-Tarski shape.

These internal-cavity shapes explain the ontology of anti-Fauvic spaces from an emergentist perspective.
by flightfacilities May 8, 2022
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