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The daughter of a Spanish or Portugese King. Also, the first song off of Picaresque, by the Decemberists.
And we'll all come praise the Infanta.
by Louder Than Bombs June 17, 2005
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A "spoiled brat" or "picky-eater"-type female youngster who is way too fond of Fanta and other sickly-sweet fizzy beverages to want to try real fruit juice or something else that's much better for her but would have a much blander flavor.
Financial-worth list of secretly filling a child's soda-can with apple-juice cocktail:
Cost of discarded Fanta Orange --- 59ยข
Cost of apple-juice cocktail that your infanta doesn't want to drink instead --- 39ยข
Seeing the look of disgusted revulsion and betrayed child-parent trust on Little Miss Sweet-tooth's face upon tasting her drink and realizing that you secretly switched the Fanta with the apple-juice cocktail --- PRICELESS
(Google "little girl fanta juice cocktail" and look at one of the first pictures that appears under "images")
by QuacksO August 11, 2018
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